Blog: We are not live casino

In this post we explain the key differences between Real Dealer and live casino and why our games offer an unrivalled, superior player experience.

We want to use this blog post to set the record straight. The games we design, develop and launch are not live casino. They are a unique category of casino game that combines Hollywood levels of cinematography and post-production with RNG-based gaming software.

We use professional actors and film them using the same moviemaking techniques that land blockbuster films an Oscar. Conversation is cleverly scripted to provide maximum player engagement and enjoyment with the process managed by a director, editors and crew.

This enables us to deliver a flawless performance and highly polished experience in each and every game round, one that is greatly different from, and vastly superior to, that offered by games streamed out of a live studio.


What makes our games different:

The most obvious difference between Real Dealer games and standard live casino games is the aesthetic – the look and feel of our games are not comparable. The best way to describe the difference is like that between webcam footage and a crafted movie production.

This is because we control all aspects of the video and sound in post-production, and just like in the movies, we use only the best takes. This also means that our dealers are always fresh looking and smiling and that their performance is always the best it can be.

The dynamic between the dealer and the player is also significantly different. With standard live casino, the interaction is always between one dealer and many players, whereas with our games the player always feels like they are interacting one-on-one with the dealer.

So instead of the dealer talking to a large but invisible audience, they talk to each player as an individual. This replicates the experience of playing at a private table in a luxury land-based casino where it is just the dealer and the player.

There are also key differences for operators. Instead of being tethered to a live studio – or in some cases several studios – our games are integrated directly into operators’ platforms and game lobbies and can be instantly resumed if the player’s connection is lost. Our dealers never make mistakes, either.


How we came up with this approach to game development:

While we could see that live casino was hugely popular, we felt that nobody in the market was providing a great audio-visual experience. We also noticed there was a lack of games that would truly make the player feel special, where they were at the centre of the game.

To us, it was obvious that in order to offer this high-quality personalised experience and make it compelling for both players and operators, the standard live studio formula simply wouldn’t work. It’s just not possible to produce high-quality visuals and sound in a live environment.

This was when we first thought about combining Hollywood-quality, pre-recorded dealer and gameplay footage with an RNG-based game engine and this was when Real Dealer Studio was born.


Our games are in a category of their own:

Because of the unique nature of our games, we believe they deserve to be in their own category – and under their own tab – in operator game lobbies. This will help players understand that our games deliver a totally different experience from live casino.

Our slogan is “It’s not live. It’s Real”, so stocking our games under a “Real” tab is the best course of action. They truly do seem real – more like a VIP room at a land-based casino than anything else. And just to reiterate, this means our games are not live casino.

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