G3 Magazine: Real Dealer flexes moviemaking muscle with Spanish roulette

Real Dealer Studios will be showing off the advantages of the developer’s unique, cinematic approach to games production this year by releasing its first Real Roulette titles with Spanish-speaking dealers.

The three new titles, Real Dealer’s first non-English products, star professional actors from various regions of Spain and will be released to the Spanish market incrementally, beginning in late August. 

Designed as an alternative to live casino, the studio’s concept entails producing Hollywood-quality video of dealers and play, which is then integrated into an RNG game framework. The result is a highly-polished game with simulated one-to-one dealer interaction.

The video production process mirrors that used in the film industry, where actors, directors and film technicians are brought together to create the footage as a finished product.  

Speaking of the benefits of this approach, Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, says: ‘This kind of localisation is one of the areas where our concept truly shines. We’ve set up our processes in a way that lends itself extremely well to meeting local market demands.’

Cotter noted that the cinematic setup also allows the studio to produce games starring international celebrities, and local celebrities.

Along with the localisation, Real Dealer has been actively working on the celebrity angle this year. ‘We expect to be revealing more about the who and the when in the coming months,’ Cotter said.

This article originally appeared in G3 Magazine’s 2021 Summer Games Showcase. G3SummerShow :: 28 (yudu.com)

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