Hot new game: Multifire Auto Roulette

Dealer Studios has launched a scorching new roulette variant that sees random multipliers ignite gameplay with the potential to deliver even bigger wins.

Multifire Auto Roulette, which was created using Real Dealer’s signature approach of combining Hollywood quality video with cutting-edge software, takes the classic European roulette format but turns up the heat by adding random bonus multipliers to each game round.

After bets have been placed, one to five bonus numbers appear, each with random multiplier amounts running from 50x to 500x at intervals of 50. If the player has placed a straight up bet on one of the numbers that also comes up as a bonus number and it hits, they land the win multiplier.

Multifire Auto Roulette is set against a fiery backdrop and is the first multiplier roulette game from the popular studio, whose games are designed as an alternative to studio-based live casino.

Real Dealer’s approach to its games is unique in that it uses professional filmmaking techniques to ensure Hollywood levels of cinematography and flawless gameplay from the first game round to the last.

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