Latest Real Dealer Title Breaks Boundaries with Bank Heist Bonus Mechanic

Vault Run Roulette, a stylish, bank heist-themed title released today by Real Dealer Studios, brings one of the most popular slot game features to the casino table.

Hollywood-style games producers Real Dealer Studios have successfully imported a powerful tool from the world of slots – the collect feature – into the Cinematic RNG vertical, marking a first for the fast-developing genre.

The defining feature of Vault Run Roulette is an original mechanic whereby, as they play through their game rounds, players can also hit specific lucky numbers that open each of five barriers to a high-security vault door. Once through the door, the players get to spin a bonus wheel and walk off with a guaranteed win of between 20x and 250x their weighted average bet.

Game progress is saved so that returning players can pick up where they left off and continue their way to the bonus game over multiple sessions.

Bringing this slot-style collect feature into the table games space was facilitated by Cinematic RNG, Real Dealer’s unique way of making games wherein polished cinema-quality recorded video is integrated into a random number generator-based game framework. The results represent a leap forward in quality and realism compared with the rest of the RNG games sphere.

In the case of Vault Run Roulette, video of a physical roulette wheel in action, Hollywood-style animation and a jazzy musical score support the cinematic illusion. The game plays out in an old-fashioned, bricks-and-mortar bank with the roulette wheel set among the safety deposit boxes just in front of the vault door.

“Players trying out Vault Run Roulette are certainly going to notice a huge difference in the look and feel compared with other online table games they’ve seen,” said Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios.

“But where this game really shines is its collect mechanic, which adds a dimension of entertainment and engagement that goes well beyond individual game rounds. We have no doubt that this feature will make Vault Run Roulette a hit.”

In addition to Roulette, Real Dealer’s Cinematic RNG portfolio extends to blackjack, sic bo, baccarat and wheel of fortune games.

As with Real Dealer’s other titles, Vault Run Roulette is available exclusively from Games Global.

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