Real Dealer Studios crosses into Switzerland

Roulette and Fortune Finder games have now been certified for integration with operators in Switzerland.

Realer Dealer Studios, the cinematic games producer whose titles have been designed as an alternative to live casino, has received the necessary certifications to launch its roulette and Fortune Finder games in the Swiss market.

The certifications mean that Swiss-facing operators can now offer their players some of the most engaging online casino games in the market, including titles such as Real Roulette with Sarati, Real Roulette with Dave and Real Auto Roulette. Multifire Auto Roulette, which features multipliers up to 500x, has also been certified as has the money-wheel game, Fortune Finder.

Games currently certified for Switzerland:

Real Roulette series

Real Roulette with Sarati
Real Roulette with Bailey
Real Roulette with Holly
Real Roulette with Caroline
Real Roulette with George
Real Roulette with Dave
Real Roulette with Rishi

Automated roulette

Real Auto Roulette
Multifire Auto Roulette (featuring multipliers)

Show games

Fortune Finder with Sarati
Fortune Finder with Holly

Real Dealer’s games are created from high-quality recorded video clips of dealers and play, which are then integrated into the random number generator gameplay to deliver a smooth and seamless experience on all devices and at all times.

This pioneering approach to game development uses professional actors, film directors and post-production crew to deliver Hollywood levels of production value which is in stark contrast to the sometimes-sterile traditional studio-based live casino product.

Each Real Dealer title takes place in a private, luxury setting to provide the player with a feeling of one-on-one interaction with the dealer.

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