Real Dealer Studios launches at ICE London 2020

Founded on a single, bold notion – that moviemaking magic can take online casino to the next level – the studio creates immersive, tailor-made casino products of superior visual and sound quality. Working with experienced film industry professionals, the studio employs the very best dealers, equipment and cinematography to create engagingly realistic dealer-hosted RNG games. Whether it’s a premiere, a sequel or a remake of an old classic, they are dedicated to ensuring that every entertaining release is of blockbuster quality.

“Compared with others in the games industry, our studio is definitely an outlier. That’s our edge. Just like the products we make, we’ve got one foot in the world of iGaming and the other in filmmaking. That mix gives us a fresh take on how things should be done and what new possibilities can be explored,” said Jose Micallef, Sales Manager at Real Dealer Studios.

“We are committed to bringing an entirely new kind of experience to the world of online gaming that offers operators a distinct competitive advantage in today’s market. Our roadmap involves applying our concept to all the traditional table games. We’ve now established the strong beginnings of a roulette portfolio, with baccarat, blackjack and other headline games to be released in the coming months.”

Driven by a passion to create never-before-seen gaming experiences, Real Dealer Studios comprises talent from 13 nations spanning five continents. The studio has a range of unique and diverse working styles shared across the team, which is dedicated to deliver truly cutting-edge gaming technology. In addition to the designers, developers and quality assurance specialists typically found in a game studio, the team also has a strong contingent of video production hotshots, including directors, camera operators, editors and the like.

Welcoming players to a new era of casino gameplay, Real Dealer Studios will be rolling out its pioneering genre of games from this year onwards.

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