Today’s Vinnie Jones game launch redefines online roulette

Real Dealer Studios’ new release breaks boundaries with its celebrity tell-all content.

Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette, the third instalment in Real Dealer’s series of games featuring the legendary tough guy, blurs lines between entertainment genres by combining elements of a no-holds-barred interview with classic European roulette.

During each round of the game, the iconic tough guy answers a different fan question while his co-host, played by actress Rachael Bower (Twin Peaks), spins the wheel. The longer a player stays at the table, the more they’ll hear Vinnie’s stories about football, acting, life and more.

This hybrid style of entertainment is possible thanks to cinematic RNG, an innovative process created by Real Dealer whereby cinema-quality recorded video is integrated into a random number generator-based game framework. The approach closely mirrors that of Hollywood filmmaking, with professional actors, directors and production crew delivering polished footage of dealers and gameplay.

The extensive Q&A required for Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette was conducted on a Los Angeles sound stage this spring as part of the filming for the studio’s wider Vinnie Jones games series. Questions such as ‘How did things change for you after the Gazza incident?’ and ‘Where have you been banned for life and why?’ numbered in the hundreds.

“That was, hands down, the longest interview I’ve ever had,” Vinnie joked at the time of the production.  

The game sees Vinnie responding to the questions in his famously direct fashion, providing answers – often laced with profanity – that are at times jokey, at others honest and revealing. However, Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, notes that the game’s appeal will go far beyond die-hard fans.   

“In addition to everything else he is, Vinnie’s simply a consummate professional and a fantastic entertainer. And as you’d imagine, he has an endless supply of crazy stories to tell, so there’s a lot to see,” Cotter said.

Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette is part of a series that includes Vinnie Jones Roulette, launched in September, and Vinnie Jones Blackjack, launched in early November. Additional Vinnie Jones titles are planned for release in 2023.

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