Vinnie Jones on making Real Dealer games: ‘A hard shoot for a hard man’

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The video post-production phase has now been completed for the first three of Real Dealer Studios’ upcoming games starring the legendary actor and footballer Vinnie Jones.

This development means that footage from the studio shoot, which took place in Los Angeles this spring, is now being integrated into the games’ framework to create the smooth, one-to-one player experience that Real Dealer titles are known for.

Commenting on the experience of shooting his first cinematic RNG casino game, Vinnie said that it was much harder work than he’d imagined.

“I’d no idea what to expect, to be quite honest. I’d never heard of a casino game being made like this, like a film. In most ways it was like working on any other Hollywood set, but the sheer number of lines I had to deliver absolutely did my head in,” he said.

Producing Real Dealer’s style of cinematic RNG game requires accounting for every possible game scenario, which means scripts are packed with long lists of similar lines which actors have to deliver on the same set in the same position. That can easily lead to long days and fatigue when multiple games are being filmed.

“It really was hard going at times, and truth be told I doubt most actors would hold up. But I’m a hard man. Nothing’s gonna beat Vinnie,” he said.

Rolling out in the second half of this year, the titles include Vinnie Jones Roulette, set for global release on 14 September, as well as Vinnie Jones Blackjack and Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette, coming out a few weeks later.

Vinnie plays the role of dealer in the first two games, bringing his larger-than-life, streetwise persona to the table, while Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette represents a new concept in online casino gaming wherein the celebrity answers tell all interview-style questions during each round alongside American co-host Rachael Bower, who acts as the croupier.

The questions, such as, ‘What’s the strangest gift a fan has sent you?’, and ‘Who would be your favourite celeb to prank?’ numbered in the hundreds and led to personal, often hilarious answers.

“That was, hands down, the longest interview I’ve ever had,” Vinnie joked.

More information about the games’ production development and release will be made on this website when available.

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